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Global Statistics

The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) is pleased to present record industry sales and sales force figures for 2014.

  • Sales figures are expressed at Estimated Retail level and exclude Value Added Tax. Except as footnoted, sales and seller figures are based on the entire industry.
  • Most enjoy significant discount on products.
  • Sales figures for 2013-2014 are expressed in US Constant 2014 Dollars to exclude the impact of foreign exchange and ensure comparability. WFDSA uses average annual exchange rates from the International Monetary Fund to convert data from local currency to US dollars.


NOTE: The global sales force of independent direct sellers includes individuals who are career minded entrepreneurs building their own businesses… or part-time entrepreneurs earning extra income. Most enjoy significant discounts on products. In fact, some choose only to enjoy and use the products and not to sell at all. Should you have questions regarding WFDSA statistics, please do not hesitate to contact